Steel Construction

A steel construction system is a type of structure where structural components (wall, covering) are bearing and manufactured by cold-forming from galvanized steel. Structural components that are manufactured in factories using modern equipment on CNC routers under control and supervision are transported to construction sites sheltered and then installed. They are more precise than conventional construction systems. Since it is a pre-manufactured system, it allows for other components (doors, windows) and equipment within the project to be ordered during manufacturing.

Steel structures are designed in accordance with permanent construction specifications, just like in reinforced concrete constructions. Calculations are made based on the load that is going to be carried. In addition, they are much less exposed to earthquake load since they are considerably lighter than reinforced concrete. This considerably increases the earthquake resistance of these structures compared to reinforced concrete constructions. Steel structures can be applied to all kinds of buildings. There are many examples of steel structures that are still in use today for various purposes such as residential buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, dormitories, hotels, etc.

These structures easily offer the minimum economic life that a building must have and can be used for an extended period of time. Aging tests performed only on the steel that is used in such structures have shown this material to preserve its strength for 180 years. The fact that all profiles are closed adds more years to its life.